What herbs are suitable for drainage?

Although our body consists mainly of water, a delay in excess fluid is dangerous and is most often caused by a serious heart disease, kidneys and other vital organs.

The reasons can also be prolonged immobility, unhealthy lifestyle, taking some drugs. Discomfort is accompanied by swelling of the limbs, face and general unhealthy appearance.

Due to the serious consequences of this condition, there are dehydration medicines that are prescribed to restore the balance of water content in the body.

Traditional medicine also knows many herbs that are suitable for drainage. Knowing some of them is useful for everyone, as this condition is widespread.

Dandelion grass contains vitamins, minerals and is suitable for liver diseases, blood pressure and gastrointestinal tract problems. Herbal tea is especially recommended, which causes urination, so that the body gets rid of excess fluid. Dandelion tea has a detox effect and removes excess fat from the body.

Green tea
Green tea helps with dehydration
Strong antioxidant properties of green tea are well known. Improves metabolic processes and burns excess fat. In addition, it has natural diuretic properties and removes excess fluid. A cup of green tea, in addition to pleasure, also brings benefits - prevents swelling.

Parsley is a grass that exceeds spices. Salads, soups and many dishes are unthinkable without parsley. Not everyone knows that aromatic grass is a good diuretic and contributes to the rapid of urination. Parsley favorably affects bones and immunity, and the balance of fluid in the body is ensured by the frequent use of parsley in recipes for cooking.

Horsetail grass has been used as a diuretic for centuries. It not only removes excess fluid from the body, but also relieves bouts of gout, arthritis, respiratory diseases and diabetes. Tea or food supplement is the best choice for its administration, and its benefit is undeniable.

This grass is most often recommended in the form of tea and is known for its diuretic properties. It is also recommended for urinary tract infections, as well as to remove sand from the kidneys.


The most common species is a medicinal sage, but other representatives of this kind can be planted. In each flower garden, the plant occupies large areas. Perennial, with a long flowering period, bright blue petals.

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